Zebit Review

Zebit Review

Zebit is an online store where you can purchase today and spread the cost over six months. They want you to be able to purchase without stress and work hard to make buying and paying back as simple as possible. Zebit is an online retailer that offers its customers up to $1,500 in credit to spend on thousands of name-brand goods. Take advantage of the no-fee option to buy now and pay later.

Orders are processed seven days a week, and they normally reach your inbox 4 to 8 hours after the transaction is accepted. Orders approved after 5 pm (Eastern) will be emailed about 1 pm the next day (Eastern). Most orders will leave Illinois for delivery, and it will take 1-4 business days. As soon as your order is prepared to ship, you will receive an email with tracking information. Your account will be frozen if you miss a payment until you bring it current. Select this option at the checkout if you want to make manual payments. You will now need to manually log in and make payments for all upcoming transactions.

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The Zebit marketplace:

  • Zebit does not always approve orders. To ensure responsible spending, each order is assessed and underwritten at checkout using a variety of criteria
  • Never overpay at the register, there are no gotchas or hidden costs
  • Based on your pay or income frequency, use your spending cap to finance the remaining portion of the order total over six months
  • You will be required to make a down payment at checkout that ranges from 20% to 35% if an order is authorized
  • Sign a retail installment agreement electronically to specify how installment payments will be distributed over time. Zebit will securely retain your card on file for future payments if you activate auto-pay at checkout.

Pay over 6 months:

  • Use the credit card that is presently on file to make the installment payments over the next six months more convenient for you
  • Your payment frequency will depend on how frequently you are paid. For instance, if you get paid every two weeks, your next six months will be divided into 12 installments
  • This serves as a good illustration the cost of the goods is the sole cost indicated, shipping, handling, and sales tax are not included. The actual deposit may differ. 6 months at 0% APR

It might be pricey to purchase new electronics, furnishing, or appliances. When waiting to save up enough cash to buy products outright is not an option, you may need to use financing. Zebit can provide zero-interest financing on the goods you want to buy as an alternative to accruing high-interest credit card debt.

On the website, you may get a lot of the things you could need, but should your upcoming large purchase be made using this “buy now, pay later” option? You can determine if Zebit is the right platform for you by reading our evaluation.

With Zebit, you may purchase practically every common household or electronic gadget. This service may be a useful way to minimize credit card and personal loan interest fees, which raise the overall cost of purchases. For those who are trying to rehabilitate their credit but may not be eligible for the best traditional loan rates, the internet store may be preferable.

Additionally, if your income is limited and you require monthly payments rather than a one-time payment, take a look at this website.

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The following are the requirements for joining:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Having a home in the US not available in Washington D.C
  • Having a yearly income of more than $16,000
  • Social security number ownership
  • You can join without having a FICO score. Zebit instead has a FICO score. Zebit instead accesses your credit record using the last four digits of your social security number
  • Your credit record may include this mild query, but it will not lower your credit score
  • To confirm your identification, Zebit uses Sagestream to examine your credit reports
  • To acquire final purchase permission, you might additionally need to provide proof of your income or current employment
  • The enrolling procedure lasts a short while. To apply for a Zebitline, all you need to provide is your name, address, last four digits of your social security number, and information about your income
  • You will get an adverse action notice if your application for a new account is rejected. What needs to be improved in order to become a member is described in this paper
  • A recent pay stub can save you time if you intend to make a purchase right after opening an account. This will be used by Zebit to confirm your source of income and authorize your purchase request.


You can acquire pricey items using buy now, pay later services and make small monthly payments. Zebit allows for spending up to $2,500 and six months of interest-free credit on purchases. There is no credit check necessary to shop at this online store with over 175,000 products.

Zebit is the finest website to purchase online for fantastic buy now, pay later offers. Joining the Zebit website is free, and you only pay for purchases when you are ready to make them. Here is a detailed explanation of the shopping procedure.

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