Why Survey Junkie is the Best

Why Survey Junkie is the Best

Survey junkie is an online survey firm that pushes users to take surveys for various companies. generality surveys are for consumer merchandise, but you may fill out surveys about, technology, travel, or even financial products. feels like more of an aggregator than a survey site, so if you have ever used other aggregators, you are likely to see some familiar names. through the five days, you can test the site, you will obverse surveys from Ipsos I-Say and VIP Voice, among others.

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With survey junkie, users complete profiles and survey junkie matches users with surveys. relatively Survey Junkie, the middle survey payout is $0.50 to $3.00. The surveys are standard for different kinds of consumer goods. As well taking surveys may match you with focus groups where you will be paid for attending the group session. As well You will become a candidate for certain groups.

Survey junkie involves an overall profile survey that demands to assist the site find surveys that correspond to your demographics. The site offers 25 points for signing up and 50 points for the demographics survey. When you did domesticate for surveys, they were pleasant and had a high point value. followed by third-party sites, you had to give the same essential information for each survey.

The surveys you are eligible for engaging in usually took less time than estimated. The user interface of the main site is neat and welcoming, so even when you were ineligible, it was easy to find the next survey. Survey junkies get rid of a lot of chances to complete a variety of surveys.

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Survey junkie is best for

  • people who create rewards they can use for Christmas gifts or birthday presents
  • People who want to do something unusual while they watch television or relax
  • Busy people who want to earn gift cards or PayPal cash in their vacuum
  • Anyone who has many hours to kill a few times per week, such as during their child’s sports practices or piano lessons

Here are a few important factors to keep in mind as you find out the world of online survey sites:

  • Earn more prizes by utilizing more than one platform, since some survey sites boundary the number of surveys you can get per month, many people sign up for double platforms and use them all. As well observe that some survey junkie competitors also offer rewards for playing games, watching videos, or shopping online.
  • Surveys are important to major brands. Surveys presented on sites like survey junkie are significant marketing tools that give important information firms need.

Survey junkie is a free platform that makes users answer questions in exchange for PayPal cash or present cards. You won’t earn a ton of money for the time you put it in, but this platform makes it easy to build up a stash of rewards you can use to pay for boast or even everyday bills. Since there are a lot of online survey sites that offer cash, you should compare the top options before you sign up.

There are more pros than cons in survey junkie
Free to sign up Limited survey offerings
Earn points for surveys even if you don’t qualify for Payouts vary, sometimes low
Redeem points for gift cards or cash Only offers surveys
Easy to use

Get beginning with survey junkie spends about two minutes. Surveyjunkie’s site asks for the next pieces of personal information before you can build up an account:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Zip code
  • Date of birth
  • Country of residence
  • Gender

After signing up, Immediately began to fill out profiles. Survey junkie says acting so will increase your chances of extraditing more surveys with higher rewards. That’s because market research companies are looking for particular kinds of people to complete surveys. These profile questions asked things like whether you had a pet, what type of smartphone you use, where you shop for specific products, and how much time I settle watching TV, and for each profile that I completed, I earned a small number of points.

Completing surveys not long after answering those profile questions, survey junkies began to offer me paid survey opportunities. From your account dashboard, you will see a list of the available surveys. Before you click on one, you can see how many points you will earn and how long it will take to complete the task like a 10-minute survey for 40 points. Only a handful of surveys were available to me at any given time, which limited my potential earnings as a survey junkie.

Compared to MTUrk found that survey junkies have fewer surveys available that take longer to complete and pay less. If you have completed a lot of online surveys, I know that you can relate to that experience. It has happened to me before with Swagbucks. It can be disturbing to put in most of the work and not get the full prize.


Generally, Survey junkie surveys were related to services and products that consumers buy. Survey junkie like any survey site, won’t replace your full-time job, but it is a completely legit way to make extra money in your free time. Survey junkie is the most trusted, one of the oldest, survey websites. They are upfront with point and time estimations and offer a variety of cash-out options.

Overall, there are more pros than cons to survey junkies. Survey junkie has an overall positive track record. Its website honestly states, that you will not get rich by taking surveys and thousands of users report earning real money with its survey. Many people earn rewards online by completing surveys for money, there are plenty of survey sites available. Survey junkie is One of the biggest paid survey companies in the world, which offers a website and app.

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