Why should or not use FreeTaxUsa?

Why should or not use FreeTaxUsa?

Freetaxusa may not be one of the major names in tax planning, but it’s been helping taxpayers electronically file their taxes for more than 20 years. There are no bells or hooters, or even graphics. Its fair mediator, strong support features, and efficient question-and-answer process make FreeTaxUsa a good value for a low price. Even if you have unemployment income, crypto sales, retirement division, rental monarchy, health-keeping accounts, or all of the above, FreeTaxUsa makes you file your taxes for free.

FreeTaxUsa work like most other tax software, it starts you off by either importing a PDF of your prior year’s tax return or collecting your personal information through the online form. In addition to this, there is no other option to upload files so if you are a freelancer with multiple 1099 forms, you will have to input the information manually.

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FreeTaxUsa markets provide tax software like other products with four levels of support:

  • Basic for easy tax returns advanced for separate deductions
  • Premium for investment income and property
  • Self-employed for freelancers
  • Contractors and gig workers
  • The plans are completely free

Why should or not use FreeTaxUsa?

  • Self-employed filers searching for a less-price way to file their taxes could be well served by FreeTaxUsa. Tax prep plans for freelancers are usually the highest price commercial software. while FreeTaxUsa doesn’t let you import double 1099 forms, you can log in as many as you want, totally free
  • It may also appeal to filers who don’t mind reading a lot. The interview question is well organized and the help content is comprehensive
  • Tax filers who received long-term concern or death profits, usually from the government and an insurance company
  • If you gained worthy money in other countries, FreeTaxUsa contains form 1116 for claiming the foreign tax credit, another form not usually involved in free tax software. But it does not allow foreign employment income
  • FreeTaxUsa keeps your information secure with data. Also, It demands multi-factor authentication every time you enter to verify your identity

There are downsides

  • using FreeTaxUsa, you can import prior year returns to pull in some information automatically, but one of the biggest downsides is the inability to upload tax forms like a w-2 1099 from your computer or a bank
  • TurboTax, TaxSlayer, and H&R Block offer free plans with free federal and state returns in some cases. So if you qualify to file with their free plans, there is no need to spend money with FreeTaxUsa
  • You might come through online customer reviews in which users complain about FreeTaxUsa not really being free since you have to pay for state returns
Free online tax prep options instead
FreeTaxUsa Free Edition H&R Block online Free Edition
Free File Fillable Form Cash App Taxes
TurboTax Federal Free Filing option FileYourTaxes.com
TaxAct Free Edition TaxSlayer.com Free File Federal

There are some useful features:

  • FreeTaxUsa’s filing option offers two online filings options such as Free and Deluxe, both options have free federal filing, but state returns cost extra. So while it’s not fully free, it’s still one of the most available services on the market. Regardless of whether your taxes are simple or advanced, still the same price. Both options come with several features and guarantees. They both have PDF import for you to simply upload last year’s return, ignored of where you filed
  • FreeTaxUsa also offers a %100 accuracy guarantee and the service checks for errors as you file and also looks at over 350 credits and deductions to help you get the biggest tax refund possible. You will get software that asks simple questions that guide you through each step of filing. So you are not completely lost, FreeTaxUsa’s prices make for a great value
  • The Free Edition offers you a majority of FreeTaxUsa’s features you will need for filing. Federal filing is free, so while this option is not completely free, it’s less expensive than most other tax software. It supports all major tax forms
  • For beginners, your tax return is automatically backed up. That means you won’t have to start all over again if there is a technical problem
  • The deluxe edition comes with all the features of the Free Edition, the biggest difference is that you get additional support when you need help you will get a faster response from FreeTaxUsa. If you are being audited, audit support is included automatically
  • For payment options & returns, you can pay for FreeTaxUsa using a credit card or debit card. Relying on your provider, you may be charged suitable fees. You can also choose to discount the filing service cost immediately from your refund, but you will need to pay a fee of $19.99. The speedy way to receive your refund is through direct deposit into a bank account.
  • There is tax extension filing even after the tax deadline passes, FreeTaxUsa still allows you to file your taxes at the same price

Is FreeTaxUsa really free?

Based on its name, you can probably deduce that one of the main selling points is that it’s free to e-file your taxes. In spite of the company’s name, only federal tax returns are free. State tax returns cost an extra $14.99. Furthermore, You have the option to pay $6.99 for the deluxe edition. Deluxe may be claiming it if you have a convoluted tax situation or if this is your first time filing online

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In the end, FreeTaxUsa provides quality software, especially considering the cost, you will be able to access the basics with FreeTaxUsa. If you value low prices over a super convenient experience and don’t need one on one help from a tax expert, then it’s a great option.

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