When will E*trade allow fractional shares?

Etrade currently does not allow fractional shares, but there has been discussion about changing this policy in the future. Fractional shares are pieces of a stock that are less than one whole share. For example, if a stock is worth $100 and you own a fractional share of that stock, you would own a piece of the stock that is worth $50. Etrade has not yet decided whether or not to allow fractional shares, but it is something that is under consideration. If etrade does decide to allow fractional shares, it would likely be done in order to make investing more accessible to a wider range of people. Allowing fractional shares would allow people to invest small amounts of money, which could make a big difference for those who are trying to save for retirement or simply grow their investment portfolio. There is no timeline for when etrade may make a decision about fractional shares, but it is something that is being actively discussed.

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