When It Comes to Traveling, The Au Pair Is Your Best Option

Au Pair

The program is designed for young people who wish to spend time in another country while undertaking light domestic duties in return for free board and lodging. Au pairs usually do not have to pay rent or any other charges. However, they must be prepared to act as housekeepers with their language studies and childcare duties.

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What’s an Au Pair?

An au pair is an individual who works for a local family, caring for their children or other members of the household. Au pairs live with the host family and are responsible for childcare, errands, and light cooking. The au pair is free to concentrate on her studies while staying in their home country. The host family provides daily meals and a place to sleep. The au pair’s contract is typically between 6 months and a year, although some hosts are willing to offer longer periods.

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Au pairs are unique because they have visa restrictions and must not have paid a worker’s income tax on their salary in the previous year. They may not take breaks during their stay and must complete their services before returning home.

The au pair program originated in England for families that could not afford foreign childcare or did not wish to have a nanny who would be around full-time.

How Can You Get Started?

Your first step is to find a reliable provider. There are many different au pair agencies and websites to choose from, most of which offer free services for both parties. Be sure to do some research and ask questions. You’ll want to be as informed as possible about this important decision.

Once you decide on an agency or website, you must fill out the online application form. Many agencies require an in-person interview with an agency representative before they will agree to accept you into their program.

One of the most popular websites are:

1. AuPairWorld

AuPairWorld is the largest provider of international au pair positions. They have over 100,000 registered families from all over the world. AuPairWorld is a trusted name with over a decade of experience in its industry. Their website was designed for ease of use and a clear understanding of the potential requirements for your au pair position.

2. AuPair.com

AuPair.com is another reputable au pair website with a lot of good reviews. Their data shows over 50,000 families from over 70 countries searching for support and assistance when hiring an au pair. AuPair.com has several helpful articles on the different experiences possible as an au pair in a different country.

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3. Work Abroad as an Au Pair or Nanny

WorkAbroad.org is a popular website for those seeking to work as an au pair or nanny abroad. They have over 135,000 registered families searching for au pairs or nannies. The site offers various resources and articles on different countries and their cultural differences.

4. Au Pair Mom

Au Pair Mom is a trusted name for au pair parents and families. This site has over 9,000 registered families from all over the world looking for an au pair or nanny. They offer useful articles on everything from pre-conception planning to financial support for young children and their families.

Au Pair Mom

How Much Will It Cost?

The fee for an au pair is usually calculated on a set monthly rate. The program usually lasts between 6 and 12 months. The fee may be negotiable; don’t be afraid to speak up about the amount you can afford to pay. Keep in mind that the higher your salary, the more freedom you will have with your host family.

What Will You Be Doing?

You are there to help with childcare, light housekeeping, cooking, and errands. It can vary depending on what your host family needs most. It is ultimately up to you and your host family to determine how you will spend your time.

What are The Requirements?

The requirements for an au pair will vary depending on the country.

Language Requirements

As an au pair, you must share the language of your host country. Most hosts do not understand English, so you will be required to learn the locals’ language to communicate with them.


Age requirements for an au pair vary depending on the country, usually within the 18-30-year-old range. Au pairs are usually between 18 and 25 years of age. The candidate’s prior work experience, volunteer experience, academic background, and maturity level are important factors in selecting an au pair. Business


The candidate’s prior medical history is important in identifying whether they are healthy enough to travel and work abroad full-time. Some countries require a health certificate from the candidate’s doctor before they are accepted.

Physical Requirements

The candidate must be in good physical condition to maintain the role of an au pair. They may not be able to enjoy much exercise or participate in sports. It is usually negotiable, so be sure to ask about your host family’s requirements before you decide where you will live in their country.

Character and Personality

The candidate should demonstrate their ability to integrate into a foreign culture, learn local customs and traditions, and become part of a new family. You must work well with your host family for this program to be successful.

Character and Personality

Benefits of Being an Au Pair

The au pair program offers unique benefits to both parties. The host family gets an au pair to care for their children, keep their home clean, and share the cultural experience of living abroad. In turn, you will learn about the culture of a foreign country while experiencing a new way of life. You won’t be expected to work long hours, but you will help with household chores and childcare.


The au pair program is an excellent opportunity for those looking to help out in a new country while still maintaining a job or extra income. Au pairs are provided with their room and bed, along with a budget to purchase food and other household necessities. Your au pair program will likely include many lessons in their host country’s language and customs.

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