When Are Banks Open? Are Banks Open Today? See the Whole Calendar of Bank Holidays


Chances are high that you won’t be at work today, so what do you do with your time? Go shopping? Spend time with family and friends? Some of you have the looming problem of “I need to know if my bank is open.” So here is a list of times for all banks in the United States. Fed the federal reserve system the central banking system of the united states of america.

What Are Federal Holidays?

These are the days that the majority of banks are closed. You won’t be able to do much these days, so plan. You’ll have a better time out of your day if you’re prepared. These days include:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.)
  • Presidents Day (Washington’s Birthday)
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Now, if you’re a part of a bank that is open these days, you are lucky. However, you will have to take out part of your paycheck for your bank to honor these federal holidays.

Can Banks Choose to Open During Federal Reserve Bank Holiday Times?

Some banks can open their doors on a holiday. Those of you who enjoy partying will appreciate this. These are days that bank tellers often get paid, so most people don’t mind going in for a wage on these days either.

The same goes for convenience stores and gas station locations. Sometimes, banks choose to open on these holidays because they know it will be profitable – or it is just easier.

Other Holidays and A New Holiday

Black Friday, Juneteenth and New Year’s Eve are all holidays you can take off and still make effective decisions for this season. Some banks open on these holidays because they know customers will make major purchases for the year.

If you’re in a big city, expect to see lines down the block for individuals trying to do their banking at once. If you’re in a town, you’ll most likely be able to do some banking at ease.

What Other Options Do You Have When Your Bank Is Closed?

You can go to other places to conduct your banking needs. But you probably don’t want to use these for major purchases – the lines will be much longer.

1. Visit an ATM

You can withdraw your money from an ATM, but you may see a fee. ATMs are available on most holidays, but they could be crowded. If you’re interested in using an ATM, check with the bank ahead of time (especially if it is a different bank than where your account is).

2. Grocery Store Bank Branches

Walmart and other grocery stores are becoming more popular with their bank branches. They usually have shorter lines and are easier to get in and out of. The downside is that you’ll have a limited amount of services that are done.

The best part about grocery store banks is that there are typically long hours – making it easy for everyone to make their banking transactions for the year.

3. Online Banking

While making your transactions in person is always recommended, many banks will allow you to do your banking online – even if they are closed. Each account will be accessible to you; you can pay bills, make deposits, and more.

Make sure you understand the process of making the transaction online because there may be fees. While this option can be a little bit easier, it is only recommended for small transactions.

What to Look Out for On Federal Holidays

It’s always best to double-check when you are choosing a bank. If your bank is closed, there might be bigger problems than getting your banking. Banks that are open on federal holidays tend to have limited hours or shorter lines than those that are closed.

You will have a better time doing your shopping and attending fun activities if you’re prepared for the holiday. Use this information to your advantage during the holiday season.

How Can You Cash A Personal Check When Banks Are Closed?

There are several ways to cash a personal check when banks are closed. The first way is to visit your local post office for the day. Some post offices will be open during holidays and can cash your checks for you.

The process may take more time than needed, but the advantage is that you’ll be able to go in and do what you need to do without waiting in line.

Some ATMs can cash checks. Standards usually state that you can only deposit checks if the bank is open. However, this still holds. In some areas, there may not be any banks or ATMs open on certain days.

So, if you need to cash a check and cannot go to your bank, look up the nearest ATM or post office. You should expect a longer waiting time than usual.

How to Contact Your Bank If You Need Assistance During A Holiday?

The best way to contact your bank is through their website. It will allow you to find answers quickly and get on with your day. The customer support line should be available for you if you have any major questions related to your account.

You should also be able to use local branches for help, but this option might have long wait times, which is why it’s best done online if possible.

How Can You Find Out About Holiday Hours?

You will have to contact your bank or credit union ahead of time to find out if they will be open on holiday. If you use a bank, you can call the customer support line and ask for additional information about operating hours during federal holidays.


Federal holidays will be a factor in many of your financial decisions. If you get caught up in the excitement of getting presents for the season and forget about what day it is, you’re likely to end up with more than you bargained for. Double check in advance when you plan on making holiday purchases and ensure that the bank where you keep your money is open. It will save you time, money and aggravation if you don’t have to deal with more problems than necessary.

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