NFT Art Finance

NFT Art Finance

What Is NFT Art Finance?

While NFTs is gaining unstoppable momentum, most creators still don’t know how to enter the space. Most crypto enthusiasts are still searching for a trustworthy platform to build up their NFT collections. The need to bring creators and enthusiasts together has given birth to NFT Art Finance. A marketplace where creators can sell their art, audio, or in-game assets to investors and collectors. The currency in which the sale takes place on the platform is called the NFT Art Finance Token, shortened as NFTART.

A Deeper Look Into NFT Art Finance

By now, we have all heard the word NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) multiple times, and we know how NFTs can be worth millions of dollars. However, most of us don’t know how to enter into the NFT verse, neither as a buyer nor as a seller.

While there are many NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea and Raible, each has its limitations. To simplify the whole process, Enterverse has come into existence.

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What is Enterverse or simply Enter?

Enter is an ecosystem, or a collection of marketplaces and creative tools, that provides NFT artists a gateway to use blockchain and become a part of the Metaverse.

It welcomes beginners and established artists by providing them with customized solutions based on their needs, thus creating a level playing field.

Enter also provides a one-stop marketplace for collectors and investors to buy. NFTs, build collections, resell to generate profits, and earn capital gains on their NFTART token reserves.

How is NFT Art Finance Linked to Enter?

NFT Art Finance is the Token Webpage, from where you can enter the various realms of Enterverse, such as enter. art, enter. audio, and enter. games. It depends upon what you want to buy or sell.

However, at times, NFT Art Finance loosely or interchangeably refers to the NFTART token or the currency used in the Enterverse. Ultimately, investors think in monetary terms, and the token helps them understand whether it is worth investing in or not.

What should you know about the NFTART Token?

Below are some key points you need to understand about the NFTART Token:

Underlying Blockchain:

NFT Art Finance (NFTART) token works on the Binance Smart Chain. Therefore, the minting-related gas fees and carbon commissions are relatively lower. Although it is not a new concept, it is yet another token to consider while making your crypto-investment decision.


Deflationary tokens are those that have a limit on the maximum number of tokens that can be created, i.e., the supply of the tokens is restricted. Hyper-deflationary is an extension of the same, wherein the excess tokens created are burnt or extinguished. Bitcoin is also an example of a deflationary token.

To achieve hyper-deflation, every time a sale of NFTART occurs, a 10% fee is levied, of which 5% is burnt, and 5% is distributed among the existing. NFTART token holders to neutralize the effect of new token creation.

Nascent History:

NFTART has recently come into existence and was launched on March 23rd, 2021, while it started trading a month later. As of June 25th, 2022, its price is $0.000000000159. This is incredibly low because of a substantial maximum supply of 10 quadrillion tokens.

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How can you buy or sell NFTART Tokens?

NFTART was initially only available at the PancakeSwap exchange. However, over time, it is becoming available on more centralized and decentralized exchanges such as HotBot, MEXC, Autoshark, and FedEx, among others. The updated complete list can be obtained from the NFTART Token page on entering’s website.

As of now, you need to convert your other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoins or Ethereum, into BNB smart chain tokens and then into NFTART. For selling, you need to follow the reverse process.

To adhere to its goal of simplification, Enter is in the process of developing a payment gateway development to allow direct purchase of NFTART from fiat money using bank cards. However, as of now, a series of crypto conversions need to be undertaken to obtain NFTART.

You will also need a BSC-compatible wallet to store your NFTART tokens.

Is NFT Art Finance a Good Investment?

The saying that there are two sides to the coin fits so well when we talk about the NFTART token. There are some benefits and some disadvantages of investing in NFTART. So, analyzing each before considering it a good investment is advisable.

Benefits of Investing in NFT Art Finance

  • Near-zero price: As mentioned above, NFT Art Finance is priced somewhere close to $0.000000000159, which is almost as good as buying it for free. Even with all the transactional fees incurred, your investment will not be substantial.
  • Lower Carbon Emissions: As NFTART is based on Binance Smart Chain, the carbon emissions are low, making it more sustainable. As global talks are happening about regulating cryptocurrencies based on their carbon emissions. Currencies with lower emissions will be better off in the future.
  • Limited Supply: With the hyper-inflationary feature, NFTART has a limited supply. Therefore, its value will not go below a certain level in dollar terms unless people lose faith in crypto as a whole.
  • Constantly Evolving: As the platform is striking new partnerships with exchanges and is developing a payment gateway for direct fiat transactions. It has a bright future if it swims.

Drawbacks of Investing in NFT Art Finance

  • Small History: The coin is close to a year old, which means it is relatively new in the market. Therefore, there is still time for it to gain a substantial stronghold among its rivals. Its current market cap is approximately $4 million, even with a considerable number of tokens in circulation. Therefore, it might be too early to comment on its investment worth.
  • Incredibly Volatile: While most cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, NFT Art Finance is incredibly so. To get a fair idea, you can monitor the NFTART Price Live Data on Binance. As the price is very low, even a slight change in price leads to a massive increase or decrease in its value in percentage terms.
  • Lower Liquidity: Currently, to acquire the token, you have to undertake a series of cryptocurrency conversions, which means fewer people will be interested in going through all that hassle. Further, it currently only sells on select exchanges, making it much less liquid. Therefore, investing in NFTART for short-term gains is not a good idea.

The Final Verdict on NFT Art Finance

Overall, NFT Art Finance can prove to be a great initiative; however, it is still in a nascent stage. So investing in it is not going to get you immediate returns. So, it can prove to be a good investment over time. If you have some spare cryptocurrency you don’t mind investing in for the medium to long term, NFTART can acquire some space in your portfolio.

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