Things to Know About The Go2back Secured Credit Cards

Things to Know About The Go2back Secured Credit Cards

Go2bank safety credit card is prepared for people who are looking to create or recreate their credit with responsible use over time. Such as a regularity credit card, you have a credit boundary and make monthly payments. It is a Neobank by a green dot, a financial technology company with the rare benefit of having its own banking license to give federal deposit insurance. As green dot’s first neobank, Gobank, Go2bank has an examination account with dismissed savings subaccounts called vaults.

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The bank’s key benefits include a 1% annual percentage yield on savings accounts up to a certain balance, access to direct deposits up to two days early, and the ability to charge cash with a Go2bank loan card or the mobile app at many huckster locations. But there are neobanks that gain interest on higher balances and have no monthly fees or overdraft fees on checking accounts.

You can take a Go2bank visa loan card at hucksters like Walmart and vivid it online. Or make an account immediately on the bank’s website. The bank also gives a safe credit card to create credit, with no credit check.

Go2bank’s primary account has a monthly fee of $5 that can be conceded with at least one direct deposit each month. Though the fee is minimal compared with traditional banks, corresponding mobile checking accounts don’t have such a fee. There is no low balance to open the account online. If you get the debit card at a store instead, there is a purchase fee of up to . 95 and a minimum deposit of $20. The checking feature includes withdrawals at over 19,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide and cash deposits at over 90,000 locations of big brand hucksters such as Walmart and CVS. the mobile app can construct one-time bar codes for a parting cashier to browse as they accept your cash, making for easy bridge among cash and digital. Cash deposits are not a common feature among neobanks given the nature of being digital only. You can receive direct deposits up to two days early compared with traditional banks. There’s also a limited cashback program for purchasing online gift cards. There are many paths to add money, but there isn’t yet a way to transfer from a Go2back account to an external bank account.

The mobile app offers check deposits for free if you don’t mind waiting 10 days, otherwise, to receive funds within minutes, the fee is 1% or 5% of the amount, depending on the type of check. Other fees involve $3 for out-of-network ATM withdrawals, up to $4.95 for each cash charge at a huckster, and a 1.5% fee for online transmit from an external debit card to fund a Go2bank account.

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There are things to know about the Go2back secured credit cards:

  • You will need a go2back account to apply, applicants are required to have a Go2backdeposit account with direct deposits of at least $100,30 days before card application. U.s. citizens and continual residents who are 18 years or older can apply for a Go2back charge account online. While the Go2back secured credit card is comparatively easier to domesticate than traditional credit cards, its banking requirements may make it difficult for some consumers to get confirmed. There is an alternative credit card option that offers more flexible eligibility requirements.
  • It doesn’t demand a credit check even if you have moneyless credit (FICO scores of 629 or lower), it won’t be an obstruction to getting the card, and there won’t be a difficult inquiry on your credit history when you confirm. relatively the card issuer, applicants will still need to meet particular qualified demands, including being a U.S. citizen or continual resident who’s 18 or older, in addition, to completing a capacity-to-pay questionnaire


If you don’t have a regulation checking account and want access to banking features, such as check cashing or direct charges, Go2bank is a premium and free choice. It can also be a good way to create credit, particularly if you are willing to set up a direct deposit into your Go2bank account to avert the monthly fee. Go2bank can be connected by phone or live chat. Depending on online rehearsal, you may find that Go2bank’s customer service ignores a lot to be required. Go2bank is the ultimate mobile banking app and debit card, packed with features to help better manage your money and build your credit. The ultimate in value and appropriateness like no monthly fees with a qualifying direct deposit, furthermore $5 each month, and a free nationwide ATM network

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