The New Way to Connect- Flyfi

The New Way to Connect- Flyfi

Flyfi is an app that you download before you get on your flight. It generates a detailed report in case there’s any problem with Wi-Fi on the plane and you need to get a refund. The app gives you an overview of the Wi-Fi speed, the type of Wi-Fi router, and the bandwidth. The reports are served in a clear and user-friendly way both in the app and their website. If the plane’s Wi-Fi isn’t working, you can easily print out the report and ask your internet provider for a refund.

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Who Is This For?

Flyfi is for travelers who use their smartphones for communication and entertainment on their flights. Nowadays, getting by a flight without a smartphone is almost impossible. We’re always connected to the internet and have many apps we need access to during our trip. Many planes now offer in-flight Wi-Fi for a fee, but the speed you get is not always what you need.


How to Get Started

Download Flyfi from the Google Play Store or the App Store. The app is free. The company asks for a name, email, and phone number when you start the app for the first time. You can also fill out a Facebook or LinkedIn profile in case there’s a need to contact you later on by your social media account.

How It Works

Flyfi generates a detailed report which you can use to claim money back if you don’t get internet access during your flight. You can use the online chat feature or contact their call center. The service is free for all FlyFi services. If you need help with the app, you can ask for support through their website or contact them on Twitter or Facebook.

Why FlyFi?

You’re stuck with unhelpful in-flight Wi-Fi service and don’t know how to get a refund. Flyfi gives you an overview of all the Wi-Fi speeds and a report that you can print out later on if there’s no internet access. You get a quick response from their support if there’s something wrong with your flight.

Report to Get a Refund

You can use the app on your smartphone to generate a detailed report about your flight’s Wi-Fi. Also, You will get a list of all the available Wi-Fi routers on board, their type, and speed. You can also see if there’s a weak signal in the boarding area, and if there is one, you will know where to look.

Contact Support if Something Is Wrong

If there’s something wrong with the Wi-Fi on board, you can use the app to generate a detailed report about your flight. You can also contact their customer support team, who will help you by email or call.

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Keep an Eye on the Wi-Fi

You can also use Flyfi to keep track of your flight’s Wi-Fi tracking. Also, You can see if the Wi-Fi is working or if you should contact your internet provider. You can also set up the app to send you an email when there is a problem with the Wi-Fi on board.


Flyfi is a reliable and quick way to get a refund if something goes wrong with your in-flight Wi-Fi service. They generate a detailed report that you can take to your internet provider. They have an easy-to-use app and an online chat and easy and fast customer service.

Free To Use

Flyfi is a free app and website. You can use the app for free for unlimited time on your phone. You can print out the report you created and contact your internet provider, who will refund you if there is no bandwidth on board.


The app contains a few useful features:

Auto Monitoring

You can use the Auto Monitoring feature to get an email when something is wrong with your flight’s Wi-Fi. The app will give you an estimated speed of the internet service and a list of all the Wi-Fi routers on board. You can also save important emails or phone numbers in an offline contact list. This feature will auto-start Itself once you start flying at a certain altitude and speed.

Chart and Report

The app can display a graph with the Wi-Fi speed on a horizontal axis and the time on a vertical axis. You can view it both during takeoff and landing and during your flight. You can also print out the report so that you have something to show to your internet provider after you get off the plane.

The New Way to Connect- Flyfi

Boarding Pass Scanner

You can use the app to scan your boarding pass so that it can attach the boarding details to the report. It is useful if your data connection is slow and you want to get a report about your flight. You can scan your boarding pass with a smartphone camera to get a clearer image. I


You can use the filters to get a report about your navigation and entertainment system. You can find the details of your flight’s Wi-Fi router, how strong the signal is in different parts of the cabins, and what their bandwidth is. The app also shows you which frequencies are available to know if you have enough bandwidth for on-demand video streaming. Finance

Checking The Speed Limit

The app is used to check the speed limit of your Wi-Fi router. The test is self-explanatory and will display the speed in a graph. You can set it up so that the app runs a test right before landing so that you can see if there’s a problem with the signal.


The Flyfi app is an easy-to-use, free and reliable way to get a refund if there’s no internet access on board. With the test feature and the chart, you can see if there’s a weak signal in the boarding section and see where it is by looking at the chart. You can also quickly scan your boarding pass to get a report about your Wi-Fi on board.

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