TD Bank’s ACH routing number

TD bank’s ACH routing number

TD bank’s ACH routing number is 031101266. Ach numbers, which stand for the automatic clearing house, are exclusive to each US bank. Banks and transfer applications like Zelle or cash App use your bank account number and the ACH number to determine which specific account payments should be deducted from and delivered to.

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Routing number:

In order to distinguish financial institutions, the American bankers association created a system of bank routing numbers in 1919. This process ensures that your money is sent to the proper financial institution and helps banks maintain account organization. They have nine digits and go by the names routing transit numbers, ABA routing numbers, and RTNs.

The Federal Reserve banks require routing numbers in order to conduct Fedwire funds transactions. They must manage electronic money transfers, such as bill payments and direct deposits, as required by the ACH network.

Anine-digit identifier called a routing number is used to identify banks. Think of it as a location where other banks can find your money. Your routing number is necessary for several tasks, such as

Wire transfer route numbers for TD bank

Anyone who has access to your TD bank account’s routing number and bank account details can transfer funds to it. When sending money internationally or when needing more protection than an ACH transfer can provide, wire transfers might be helpful.

You can only make local or international wire transfers in a TD bank store. On the other hand, using TD bank stores. On the other hand, using TD bank’s person-to-person transfer service, domestic transfers can be conducted online. Although they are not the same as wire transfers, person-to-person transfers let you send money to any account within or outside of the TD bank system in the united states or Canada without having to go inside a TD bank location.

The US wire transfer routing number for TD bank is 031101266. To receive international wire transfers to your TD bank account, call the same number. Your routing number is necessary for several tasks, such as ACH payments:

  • Setting up direct deposit
  • Getting benefits from the government, including tax reductions
  • Money transfers between bank accounts or investments in companies
  • Automatic payment of bills
  • There are options for domestic wire transfers

The lower left-hand corner of the checks associated with your checking account bears the routing number for checking accounts. The bottom of the check’s first nine numbers includes the information.

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Sending secure online messages to get your routing number validated

Send a secure message to a TD bank team member online. Go to the message center page on the left side of the screen after signing into your online account. Select (send a secure message) and specify that you need to confirm your bank account’s routing number.


Code swift for TD bank

For international wire payments made through TD bank, the swift code is NRTHUS33XXX. The individual banks and financial institutions that are identified by swift codes are located all over the world. Four pieces of information are denoted by codes when transferring money between accounts abroad:

  • Name of the bank
  • Country code for it
  • Its principal office
  • A specific branch

To find the routing and account numbers for your account, look for a paper check linked to your TD bank account. There are several techniques to verify the precise TD bank routing number, such as phoning your bank. Routing numbers can be obtained through your neighborhood TD bank branch or toll-free customer service line. Register for an online account. You may access the routing and account numbers from your customer dashboard on many online banking platforms. Lookup Fedwire. You can look up TD bank routing numbers using your name, city, or state, or you can verify the one you already have is accurate.

The bank may acquire more than one routing number depending on its size and the number of states it serves. Although TD bank’s main office is in cherry Hill, other states may require a separate routing number for services or branches. If you are unsure, check the routing numbers with a TD bank representative.

List of DT bank routing numbers by state
State TD bank routing number
TD bank Connecticut 011103093
TD bank Maine 211274450
TD bank Rhode Island 211370545
TD bank Maryland 054001725
TD bank New Hampshire 011400071
TD bank Delaware 031201360
TD bank New York-upstate NY 021302567
TD bank south Carolina 053902197
TD bank Vermont 011600033


Details about TD bank’s bank routing number. TD bank and other banks utilize routing numbers, which are 8 to 11-digit codes, to help financial institutions find your account. They are used to process checks, set up autopay, make online payments, and transfer money inside the united states and abroad. Additionally, they go by the names ACH, wire transfer, and swift numbers. Find out where to look to find your TD bank account’s accurate routing number.

Routing numbers allow banks to locate your precise account while processing paper checks, sending money between branches, states, and countries, or making digital payments. In our reference to routing numbers, you can read more about how TD bank and other financial institutions use these codes to manage your money.

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