SunTrust Bank Review

SunTrust Bank Review

The bank is a major part of our lives as making deposits or transaction have become easy. Suntrust bank offers to check and saving accounts, loans, investment banking, wealth and retirement planning, and other goods and services to its customers. Suntrust lately united with BB&T to form Truist, but it continues to run as an independent bank with places in 11 southeast states. Truist bank is also a member of FDIC. now you can easily manage your Suntrust mortgage, and so on. Simply visit SunTrust digital banking and login to get started. online services are constantly available and eager to assist you quickly.

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  • For those seeking a free small business account or reasonably priced larger business checking accounts with cash bonus awards, Suntrust is the best option
  • For the simple business checking account, the monthly fee is waived for the first twelve statement cycles and a %10 cash deposit bonus when you redeem cashback from your direct deposits using a SunTrust business credit card into a Suntrust business deposit account
  • Out-of-network ATM fees are $2 each
  • Up to 100 employees can use the online cash manager portal’s payroll services
  • Apply online or at a SunTrust branch location for a business checking account that meets your need
  • The only places of SunTrust banks are in a few select areas in the nation
  • 1,400 bank branches and 2,160 ATMs

Suntrust bank’s internet banking services:

  • Personal payments are simplified
  • Earn cashback on your regular purchases at your preferred retailers
  • Avoid entering your password and immediately access your account
  • You can deposit checks from anywhere with a few clicks
  • View all of your Trust banking and financial
  • Adjustable features to help you choose how, where, and when to use your card
  • Get quick notifications regarding crucial account activity
  • Encryption, together with our multilayered approach, safeguards your personal information whenever you use our technology
  • Obtain details regarding your own investing accounts and portfolio

In the southeast united states, there are 1,400 physical branch locations and 2,160 ATMs that are part of the SunTrust banking network. From the better business bureau, they have received a rating. In 1891, a bank holding corporation was founded in Atlanta. With $199 billion in assets as of 2018, this bank network is exceptionally old and well established. If you call SunTrust’s automated help line and ask for phone customer support, you can get it whenever you need it if you have a small business credit card. Customers of SunTrust bank have a choice between two checking accounts: advantage checking and essential checking.

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A straightforward checking account made for daily banking is called essential checking. The minimum deposit needed to open this account is 0. The account has a $7 monthly fee, however, if you fulfill one of the following conditions, you can avoid paying that fee:

  • Make 10 or more client-initiated transactions per statement
  • Receive qualified direct contributions totaling $500 or more
  • Maintain a $500 minimum daily collected balance
  • Open the account as a student, for which you will receive a waiver for five years

How to get in touch with SunTrust if you are having account issues: if you are experiencing problems accessing or signing in to your SunTrust bank account, you may always visit a bank location or call customer care. Here are some useful figures:

With the recently released SunTrust bank mobile app, it’s wonderful to be able to view, move, and manage your finances at any time and from any place. With the new SunTrust Mobile App, you can oversee your account, send money, open a new account, pay bills, find a branch or ATM near you, and lots more like view all your accounts balances and transaction history and open a SunTrust account.

What’s the new on the app of SunTrust online banking:

Suntrust’s banking fees: Suntrust has incredibly competitive monthly maintenance fees with special sign-up offers that reduce overall cost. The majority of other banks that provide business checking accounts charge similar fees as theirs do. The following are some costs you might incur when using SunTrust for business banking:

  • No charge for the first 12 statements. The monthly fee is $5 per month thereafter for standard business checks
  • Every transaction beyond the item limit will incur a transaction fee of $0.50
  • The domestic incoming wire transfer fee is $15
  • The international incoming wire transfer fee is $30
  • The domestic outgoing wire transfer fee is $50
  • The cash deposit fee is $2.50 each $1000 over the cash processing monthly limit
  • The overdraft fee is $25 per on the 1st and $36 for the 2nd NSF item and extended overdrafts
  • Out Of network, ATM Fee is $2


Customers of Suntrust bank’s business checking accounts can choose from a number of features, including credit lines, cash flow management, and other financial services. These are some of the features that your account might have

A user-friendly business checking account from Suntrust bank is available with online and mobile support, just like any other banking service from the twenty-first century. It is simple to avoid their monthly maintenance fees without keeping track of several account details. With Suntrust bank, opening and running a business checking account is simple

Suntrust bank is one of the country’s oldest banks and provides excellent customer service, and reasonably priced business checking accounts with special discounts and features. Their suite of business checking accounts was designed with business growing pains in mind. They include alternatives for payroll, online bill payment, and 40 1k to assist you in managing both your employees and your business.

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