Personal Capital Review

Personal Capital Review

Personal capital is an online financial advisor and personal wealth management business with offices in san Francisco and redwood shores, California. Consider personal capital as a hybrid of a high-end Robo-advisor and a budgeting tool. If you would like, you may hire redwood shores, a California-based business to handle all aspects of your finances.

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You may obtain a dashboard for personal capital that closely resembles mint or other competing budgeting tools by linking your bank accounts to the site. Your net worth, monthly cash flow, and the evolution of your budget over the previous few months are all visible. This practical tool makes it easier for you to keep track of your monthly income and expenses. Your mortgage, vehicle loan, and any other loan accounts that you link with personal capital will notify you when payments are due. Additionally, the software is user-friendly and accessible on both android and ios.

Two types of products are available from personal capital: a fully functional robo-advisor platform and a set of cost-free financial management tools. The latter offers a stylish budgeting dashboard that enables you to synchronize your financial accounts and monitor your daily expenditure and cash flow. This all-in-one solution would be helpful to anyone interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of their finances, earning it the top spot in Forbes advisor’s listing of the best budgeting apps.

For a very specific type of person, personal capital’s Robo advisor product makes the most sense that the individual already has $100,000 saved for investments and who is ready to pay more to speak with a live financial professional on the phone.

Think of personal capital as a cross between a sophisticated Robo advisor and a planning tool. If you would rather, you can employ the California-based company redwood shores to manage every element of your finances. By connecting your bank accounts to the website, you can get a dashboard for personal capital that closely mimics mint or other rival budgeting programs.

You may see your net worth, monthly cash flow, and the way your budget has changed over the past few months. You may more easily keep track of your monthly income and expenses with the help of this useful application. Your loan accounts for your home, auto loan, and any other loans.

Contrary to rivals like acorns, betterment to rivals like acorns, betterment, or wealth front, which have low or no minimum balance requirements, only a small portion of the population will have sufficient assets to qualify for personal capital’s investment services.

However, paying personal capital’s hefty fees may be justified if you can reach the investment minimum and want access to financial planning professionals. Even these fees, however, might be higher than what you would pay for a comparable service at another Robo-advisor. For instance, personal capital charges 0.89% in fees for clients with less than $1 million in assets under management, compared to 0.40% for betterment’s premium service with access to financial advisors.

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The advantage of personal capital:

  • Everybody, including non-clients, can utilize many of personal capital’s user-friendly tools and services to receive a 360-degree perspective of all of their money.
  • Depending on when you file for social security and how aggressively you are investing, personal capital’s retirement tools, which let you link your accounts for free, offer you an idea of how prepared you are for retirement.
  • The investment platform claims to leverage its expertise to generate better returns than you can get with a typical index fund, all while lowering your taxes. It is smart and supported by a team of industry heavyweights.
  • You can speak with a committed financial expert to better understand how your money is being invested to help reduce confusion.

The disadvantages of personal capital:

  • The price is personal capital’s biggest drawback. Simply put, a cost of 0.89% is far greater than what you will spend with others. Personal capital is still a Robo advisor even though it provides more personalized touches to make the expense easier to accept. You sign in, respond to inquiries, and link your significant bank accounts. The longer you invest, the more money is put into the portfolio that is created for you and that suits your risk and goal profile.
  • If you even consider active stock choosing a perk, personal capital only lets you include specific stocks in your portfolio until you have amassed at least $200,000 but many users are financially cut out long before that benefit kicks in.
  • Make sure to exercise caution before enrolling in personal capital, and only do so if you are certain that the potential thousands in higher fees and lost capital gains will be worth it.

An outstanding interactive investment planning dashboard is provided by personal capital. The platform will generate a retirement planner on this page after you enter some personal data, such as your age, income, and savings habits, and will show you how much money you are likely to have and how much social security you can expect to receive while also suggesting ways you can make your situation better. Even if they don’t wind up becoming a paying member of personal capital, those who are unsure of where they stand in relation to their retirement goals should use this tool.


An online wealth management organization called personal capital offers paid investment advice. Additionally, personal capital provides a safe, free, online financial dashboard. Yes, the financial tools offered by personal capital are totally free.

Personal capital is designed for people who desire a single platform for tracking, managing, and planning their money. This software is perfect for those whose finances might be too sophisticated to fall under the umbrella of other high-level apps because it has the ability to track net worth and the choice to include investments.

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