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Meijer is a Michigan-based supermarket chain with stores located throughout the Midwest and in Southern California. Meijer also offers an exclusive loyalty program known as mPerks. The mPerks program is a store-specific rewards program that allows visitors to gain in-store rewards, coupons, and savings when they buy certain Meijer products.

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What Are mPerks? And How to Use It?

mPerks is a loyalty program exclusive to Meijer stores. To enroll in mPerks, you must first meet a few basic requirements. Instead, you must be a Meijer Rewards Number holder. It is free to sign up for, and it’s easy. You can apply online or stop by any Meijer store to pick up an application. Next, you must have a valid email address. Once signed up, mPerks members will be entered into the program automatically unless they choose otherwise.

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After becoming a member of the mPerks program, several things begin for each transaction using a Meijer Reward number at checkout.

Clip Coupons — Digitally

After signing up for mPerks and creating your account, you can access your account in the system. It is where you will find your mPerks coupon and the ability to clip coupons on items you purchase. The site recommends coupons based on your shopping habits. You can also select specific coupons you would like to use in a weekly shopping list format.

The mPerks coupon is always digital, which means no paper inserts and no clipping necessary! You must enter your Meijer rewards number at checkout, and the mPerks coupon will automatically clip onto your order. There’s no need to print or cut out the voucher because it will be accessed electronically using your smartphone, printout, or other electronic devices. You could also cancel your digital coupon if you change your mind about a purchase or you are unable to use it once you get home.

Fill out the Prescription at Home

A percentage of the items you purchase with your mPerks rewards number at Meijer will get you a little something extra back on your next order. In other words, you’re getting money back for shopping at Meijer, and this is a great way to help save money while still receiving your rewards. It is a great way to save on prescriptions and other eligible purchases!

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Earn by Owning a Card

Because you’re getting money back for your purchases, you can get even more money back by simply having a Meijer card. If you have one in your wallet, you will earn rewards and be able to use those rewards in the mPerks system. You can also use your tips to shop at Meijer even if you don’t have a Meijer card. Benefits and bonuses are automatic, meaning the money will be added to your account even if you aren’t currently a member of the Meijer Rewards program.

Stay Updated

You will be able to stay up to date with all the latest about mPerks. If a new coupon is released, you’ll get an email about it. If a new special deal is offered, you’ll receive an email with details and instructions on how to get your money back on your next order with Meijer. Always keeping yourself informed is essential when it comes to saving money.

Offer a Shopping List

You can access your mPerks list anytime from your MyMeijer account. You’ll be able to choose which items you want to clip coupons on and even enter a reminder list that will remind you of things you have to pick up at the store. It’s simple, and you can even use these lists to create shopping lists for your family members.

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Saving Money and Time

mPerks takes the hassle of clipping coupons and remembering to bring them to the store. You spend less time planning your shopping trips and more time enjoying them. Also, you will get access to all the savings in your mPerks account, such as special mPerks coupons, prescription savings, and store rewards like point redemptions through email on your smartphone.

Who Is It For?

At Meijer, the mPerks program is a loyalty system with benefits and ways to help you save money. The mPerks program makes it easy for Meijer shoppers to get more value out of every purchase. It’s fast, convenient, and easy to take advantage of. It’s also an effective way for Meijer to stay connected with their customers and reward them repeatedly by offering savings when they need them most. Thus anybody who loves shopping at Meijer is a good fit for the mPerks program.

Benefits of mPerks

Several benefits come with enrolling in the mPerks program.

1. Never Miss a Deal

When you shop at Meijer, you will never miss a deal again. All your recent sales and purchase offers are automatically updated to your account for easy access. You have complete access and control over the values you want to keep in your mPerks account.

2. Convenient Digital Coupons

With mPerks, digital coupons are automatically clipped onto eligible purchases when you use your rewards number during checkout at Meijer. There is no need to print or cut out coupons; simply enter your Meijer rewards number and shop away! There is also no need to remember to bring coupons with you.

3. Free Savings

With mPerks, you can earn a percentage back for purchasing items at Meijer with your rewards number each time you are buying. When ready, grab your coupon and head to the store.

4. Fast, Easy, and Convenient

All you have to do is sign up for the mPerks program and head to Meijer. After downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play, you’re on your way! You can also use your smartphone as an electronic redemption device for coupons ready to be clipped on eligible purchases.


The mPerks program is an effective and easy way to save money. It is also an excellent way for Meijer to reward their loyal customers by providing coupons on all the things they need, from underwear to milk. The mPerks program can be used while shopping online or even in stores. The mPerks program will save you time and money, especially if you have a prescription that qualifies for savings.

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