Is Amazon Flex Driver a Good Work-from-Home Job?

Amazon has recently launched its army of delivery drivers all over the U.S. with an Amazon Flex driver App. This app lets you earn money while working, so it’s an excellent job for those who have flexible schedules and can work any time of day, as long as they are available to work during peak hours for deliveries.

What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a new way for individuals to make money working for Amazon. It’s an app that delivers packages from Amazon between 1 and 15 miles away from their standard drop-off location. The company has been growing fast in recent years, and this service is the latest way Amazon is going to deliver on the promise of getting the packages to their customers as quickly as possible.

Amazon Flex is an independent contractor job. In other words, anyone who is interested in the job does not need to be employed by Amazon. Contractors can enjoy all the benefits of having a full-time gig with a benefits package by working for this company. One of the main benefits to Amazon Flex drivers is that they can work whenever they want as long as they are open to working during peak hours, which tend to be from 5 pm-2 am.

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What does Amazon Flex Driver do?

Is Amazon Flex Driver a Good Work-from-Home Job?

Amazon Flex is similar to Uber or Lyft. These independent contractors can sign up for the job and complete a background check before starting working. Then, you can set your schedule and decide if you want to work 5-hour shifts or 8-hour shifts. It is where the flexibility of working for Amazon Flex comes in.

Amazon Flex drivers complete deliveries for Amazon within a specified radius of their location. They are dispatching to the homes and businesses of customers who have placed an order with Amazon. Drivers can use Amazon Maps to locate the delivery destination or order information on the app, and then they will complete the delivery.

Make sure you are at least a mile from your usual drop-off location when making your delivery. The app will notify you of your time to drop off and pick up the package.

What is the pay for Amazon Flex Drivers?

They receive a delivery fee that ranges from $18-$25 per hour, depending on the distance of their delivery. The delivery fee depends on the distance from the fulfillment center to the customer’s home. The closer you are to a drop-off, the less money you will make. However, if you live far away from an Amazon fulfillment center, like in rural areas and small towns, you can make more money because you can complete more deliveries in a shorter amount of time.

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How To Get Started?

You can start as an Amazon Flex Driver by downloading the Amazon Flex Driver app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you have completed your application, all you need to do is show up for a few hours of training, and then you can start delivering packages for Amazon.

It takes about two weeks to start delivering packages with Amazon Flex. The training is relatively quick, but you do need to be able to participate physically. Amazon will ask you to complete a run-through of their warehouse before they hire you. From there, you will receive invitations for your area training sessions.

What are The Requirements?

Amazon has a few requirements before becoming an Amazon Flex driver. First, you must be at least 18 years old. You must also have a valid U.S. driver’s license and live near an Amazon facility. Being flexible and available to work during peak times is also essential to Amazon. They want you to be as close to an Amazon facility as possible.

A mode of transport is also required. It could be a car, van, motorcycle, or a regular cart. Amazon will let you use their delivery vehicles if you have one suitable for this job. They also want you to have as much experience as possible as a delivery driver before they hire you with Amazon Flex.

Benefits of Amazon Flex Driver

The benefits of this job are pretty sweet.

Benefits of Amazon Flex Driver

1. Flexibility

Amazon has a lot of different warehouses that they use for their deliveries. You can be anywhere from the west coast to the east coast in one of these warehouses. It means you have many more opportunities to work during certain days or hours. You should be able to set your schedule and get paid for completing orders at different times of the day, as late as 2 am.

2. Payments

Amazon Flex payments are weekly. You will receive your money through a direct deposit. Amazon also offers its own paid time off, which differs depending on how long you have been with the company.

3. Tips

Flex drivers can earn tips though they are not required to accept them. The customer will usually appreciate your service and want to give you a prize at the end of the delivery. You can refuse this tip, but if you accept it, the company will pay you a higher hourly rate based on your income.

4. Security

Amazon will provide you with a delivery lock. They want to ensure that your package is not stolen or lost during transport. Amazon also provides a tracking number for your order from the warehouse. This tracking number will go directly to your phone and track the progress of your delivery and the location of your shipment.


It is an excellent alternative job opportunity for people who are not looking for long work hours. You can set your schedule and appointment whenever you want to. Plus, if you’re going to work extra hours and pick up more deliveries, then Amazon will give you more money in exchange for this flexibility.

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