In the Loop with Acima Leasing

In the Loop with Acima Leasing

Acima Leasing offers a lease-to-own option that enables those with poor credit or no credit history to make major purchases. If you need to buy something, you can choose from more than 15,000 stores, go shopping, and then set up a payment plan to lease the item until you own it or decide to buy it early at a lower price. If you need to make major purchases, such as furniture or appliances, Acima Leasing can be an excellent choice.

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How Acima Leasing Works

Acima Leasing exists to help you break through a financial barrier. Maybe you have poor credit or no credit history at all, and that’s keeping you from buying your own home. Perhaps the rent becomes too much of a strain on this economy. Maybe you don’t have enough cash for a down payment on your next car purchase or to make expensive purchases for your home. A lease-to-own option might help you buy something now and pay it off gradually over time.

Acima Leasing is easy to use. You can find a store near you on our website, order the item you want, and then begin the process. You pay for your purchase over time and work with your bank to establish payment options. Monthly payments are made on the same day each month. Once the item is paid off, you can begin to make payments on your own. Once you have completed this step, you have a personal payment option set up, and you can purchase the item outright.

Purchasing the Item on Your Own

You choose payment options, but all the money will go to your bank. It means you can make monthly payments and pay off the item faster. You can handle the costs, and your bank is completely protected from default if you decide to walk away. It is a good thing for your bank because they are protected from losing money if you don’t keep up with your payments. You will also be protected from large amounts when you decide to walk away from the item because you will owe nothing after you complete the lease-to-own program.

Purchasing the Item on Your Own

If you want to purchase the item on your own before the end of the lease period, you can. Your payments will end, but you will still have the lease-to-own option. You can make a partial payment on the item and then purchase it later at the full price. It is a great way to save money and buy something at a lower price.

How It Works for First-Time Buyers

Acima Leasing offers an incredible chance for first-time buyers to purchase an item without paying for that item upfront once you have made your monthly payment until the end of the lease period.

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First-time buyers may think they need to pay for an item upfront before making payments on it. The truth is that some people buy a house before they are ready and then try to pay for it over time. Some bank loans are offered this way, and this structure can also accommodate credit problems.

Benefits of Acima Leasing

The benefits of Acima Leasing are multiple, which include:

1. Easy Credit Check

Acima Leasing will check your credit score and your banking account, and you don’t need to worry about this. It means you can start the process before you have a lot of money or a perfect credit score. Some people are in a situation where they need to save up more money and repair their credit rating before they can make an expensive purchase. Acima Leasing offers a ton of flexibility and options for those turned down by a bank or by other sources of financing.

2. Monthly Payments

Acima Leasing makes purchasing something easy. You pay monthly and can see the item is paid off each month. You’ll have time to save more money or earn more income to make your monthly payments. Acima Leasing is also a flexible lease-to-own option for those who want to wait longer to purchase.

Monthly Payments

3. Quick Process

Acima Leasing is a quick option for purchasing an item you need immediately. The lease-to-own option can be accessed online and in stores around the country. You don’t need to send your credit history or wait for approval to buy something. Acima Leasing will make sure that your item is delivered promptly, and you’ll have a chance to start making payments as soon as possible. You can request a delivery date and get the item immediately when it’s available.

4. Less Financial Responsibility

Acima Leasing can help you to purchase things without a lot of financial responsibility. You will not be buying everything outright if you enter this type of financing, but you will also not make monthly payments in the future. Instead, you will pay off the item and own it outright when the lease-to-own agreement ends.

5. Less Expensive Things

Acima Leasing offers a great way to buy furniture, appliances, and other things without making a large one-time purchase. If you are looking for something that is used or in need of repair, Acima Leasing can be a good option because it funds your purchase over time. Acima Leasing doesn’t force an initial payment on you if you have poor credit.

How to Make Payments

Acima Leasing is managed almost completely online. When you are ready to make your payment, you need to make sure that you have the required information available before making your payment. You need to know what item you want and use this information to make your payments.

How to Make Payments


Acima Leasing can help you to avoid overspending on personal items. You don’t have to make a large initial payment, and you don’t have to make a monthly payment either. Instead, you will pay off the item and own it when the lease-to-own agreement ends. This option is perfect for those who want to save up additional money before making a purchase and those who need a flexible way to purchase something they need right now but can’t afford it upfront.

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