In Need of a New Job? PNC Is Hiring Customer Service Reps

In Need of a New Job? PNC Is Hiring Customer Service Reps

Are you a problem solver? Do you love being on the phone and interacting with customers? Does making cold calls sound like a fun way to spend your day? Then PNC may have a new job for you. The bank is recruiting for the Customer Service Representative (CSR) position, responsible for ensuring customers have all their questions answered and problems resolved.

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PNC Bank is hiring virtual customer care and support agents. Although it is a virtual position, applicants must live in the Pacific or Mountain time zones. You can count on remaining busy in this position; according to PNC, you can anticipate handling 100 customer inquiries on average per shift. There are no academic requirements as long as you have some experience in customer service. However, you will need a dedicated landline phone and high-speed internet.

Customer Service Representative

The CSR positions are part of a general hiring push in the bank’s customer service department. Their responsibilities include:

1. Resolving Customer Complaints

If a customer has an issue with their account, the CSR will take that concern to the appropriate department. Alternatively, you may deal directly with the customer and resolve the problem independently. It can include a variety of chat sessions, social media interactions, and customer presentations via email or video conferencing.

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The CSR position also covers building relationships with each customer. You could send regular emails, letters, or even text updates to keep customers informed of changes to their accounts and rewards. Helpful tips for maintaining the relationship are:

  • Calling the customer by his name.
  • Showing respect for your customer’s opinions.
  • Showing a desire to resolve any issues.
In Need of a New Job? PNC Is Hiring Customer Service Reps

2. Documenting Customers Interactions

The interactions with customers and the subsequent resolution of their issues are documented. Your supervisor will be reviewing the documents, so accuracy is essential. If a customer has been particularly pleased with your service, you could also receive a positive note in your file.

3. Responding to Customer Information Requests

You will also be responsible for responding to information requests from customers. It can include a variety of tasks, such as researching the account and sending back relevant information, logging the request and replying with requested information when available, or using the PNC system to look up the needed data.


Even if you’re not a natural salesperson, the PNC Virtual Careers website warns that this job will involve selling yourself. Applicants must be charismatic and personable and can build relationships with customers. The bank says this is a “high contact” position, meaning you will be on the phone most of the time.

1. Personality

There are no official personality requirements for applying for the CSR position, but applicants should always remain professional. In addition, you will need to be able to communicate with customers to resolve their problems.

2. Skills

The bank speculates that candidates may be interested in selling or customer service, but there is no minimum requirement for this position. Nor is there required training for the CSR role.

PNC Is Hiring Customer Service Reps

3. Education

There are no education requirements for the PNC CSR position, but you will need to have experience in customer service. It can be anything from retail experience if you have previous customer service jobs or if your first job is as a CSR.

4. Problem-solving and Troubleshooting Skills

You do not need to have the problem-solving experience to apply. It is suggested that you have a computer skills background and problem-solving, as your interactions with customers will often involve chat sessions and emails.

5. Confidential Working Space

Although this job is a virtual position, you will need a dedicated workspace, as you will be on the phone for much of your day and need to perform other duties in front of your computer. You will need a quiet area that is free from distractions. You will also need access to high-speed internet, a landline phone, and, if possible, a dedicated video camera.

Benefits of Working at PNC

The PNC Virtual Careers page states that the company strives to provide its employees with challenging, meaningful work and a positive work environment.

1. Medical Insurance

PNC offers medical, dental, and vision insurance to full-time employees. The Virtual Careers website states that PNC has an excellent health plan available to its employees.

2. Paid Time Off

Paid sick days are offered in the bank’s benefits package, as well as vacation time for each year of service up to a set number of hours each year. Vacation days increase with years of service in the bank‘s employment; workers with at least ten years receive a vacation for ten weeks per year. You will have the option to take your vacation from three weeks to five months, although vacation days are generally unpaid.

3. Life Insurance

You can count on PNC for life insurance coverage at no charge. There is no set number of life insurance policies, but the bank offers up to $100,000 in life insurance coverage with a $3,000 potential death benefit. You can also add a rider to increase the insured years and coverage to $1 million.

PNC Is Hiring Customer

4. 401(k) Plan

There is also a 401(k)-plan available to full-time employees of PNC. The 401(k) is an employer-sponsored retirement plan for all eligible employees. The 401(k) plan combines company contributions and employee contributions over time to maximize the money saved for retirement.

5. Employee Stock Purchase Plan

PNC offers its employees an Employee Stock Purchase Plan. This plan is a non-qualified, non-guaranteed stock purchase program. The company makes grants of common stock, which are offered at 85% of the lower fair market value of the stock on either the first or last day of each six-month offering period.


The PNC CSR opportunities for work at home are quite numerous, and the job description seems to be appealing. However, we would like to point out that this is a telecommuting job and is not as easy as it sounds. You might be doing the same job in your PJs, but you will have to keep an eye on your job performance, whether you have a deadline or not. Make sure you find a quiet working space with no distractions to focus on your work.

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