How to protect credit cards from magnets?

Most credit cards have a magnetic stripe on the back that contains your card information. This stripe is read by electronic machines when you make a purchase, and it’s what allows your credit card to work. However, if this stripe becomes damaged, it can render your credit card unusable. One way to protect your credit card from magnets is to keep it in a case or sleeve. This will help to shield the stripe from damage and prevent it from coming into contact with strong magnets. You should also avoid leaving your credit card near strong magnets, such as those used in fridge magnets or magnetic doorstops. If you think your credit card may have been damaged by a magnet, you can take it to your bank or credit card issuer to have it checked. With a little care, you can help to ensure that your credit card remains in good condition and continues to work properly.

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Michael Solomich

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