How to make extra money online from home with InboxDollars


InboxDollars allows users to make money for performing simple everyday online activities. The program is free to join and easy to use, with InboxDollars partnering with the most trusted retail, technology, and market research brands to deliver a platform full of earning opportunities.

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When you take surveys or perform other activities through InboxDollars, you get payouts in US dollars once you reach the payment threshold. However, qualifying for all the money-earning activities on the platform is impossible, and you will not get rich.

But committing to earning through InboxDollars can make you enough money on the side. The activities and services you can earn from keep changing, allowing you to earn money doing random tasks whenever you want.

How to make money through InboxDollars

You can make money online through InboxDollars via three categories: Online surveys, incentives, and coupons. However, the easiest way to make your first dollars is through a $5 bonus signup incentive for joining the online survey site.

Users can then make money doing seven different activities on the platform. These activities include;

1. Taking profile surveys

Profile surveys on InboxDollars include both interest surveys and household surveys. Users take these surveys to share basic information about themselves with InboxDollars and its partners. The surveys ask for the most basic information, which is used to send you future offers and surveys.

2. Taking the “Best Survey” first

The InboxDollars surveys page hosts multiple offers. While you can start with any survey, taking the top survey tagged “Best Survey” and having stars next to it helps you make more money regularly. The “best survey” tag shows that you are more likely to qualify for this survey and will likely pay top dollar compared to other surveys.

3. Watch InboxDollars videos

Visit the videos page to watch the most recent and popular content on entertainment, sports, and news. You will earn cash for every video and can easily watch more, as videos are more engaging and entertaining than surveys. Videos also take a shorter time and pay better rates.

4. Complete cash offers

InboxDollars regularly hosts more than 20 offers and services at a time. To earn more, find and sign up for offers that interest you. These offers and services often pay you for joining or trying a free sample.

5. Use InboxDollars search as your homepage

InboxDollars pays its users to search the web. To do that, however, you must use the InboxDollars Search when looking up something on the web. There are rewards for every 4 searches you make, as well as from “Scratch & Win” progress. You will also earn weekly bonuses for using InboxDollars Search for at least four days a week.

6. Clip coupons and purchase Groupons

Buy your future Groupon deals through InboxDollars. This Groupon-InboxDollars partnership lets you earn InboxDollars cashback for every Groupon deal bought through the platform.

Users also earn $0.10 for every coupon deal they redeem through InboxDollars. To do this, “clip” the coupons you want and bring them to any store. Coupon cashback earned appears on your earnings after 2-3 months.

7. Look out for PaidEmail

The PaidEmail service from InboxDollars pays users to read their emails. The emails require you to sign up for testing products and services you are interested in based on your profile survey responses.

Once signed up, you’ll be rewarded for clicking on a magenta button that reads, “Confirm this PaidEmail.” Users who sign up for the offers advertised in the email also earn more cash.

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How much does InboxDollars pay?

The money you earn on InboxDollars depends on the activities done. For instance, users receive 1 cent for every coupon printed, capped at 25 coupons per day. However, you’ll earn 10 cents for redeeming a coupon in-store with no maximum limit.

By contrast, most surveys on InboxDollars pay between $0.10 to $5, with just a handful paying more.

Similarly, you can increase your daily earnings by choosing the more lucrative InboxDollars activities. One such activity is watching videos online, which offers cash for each video totaling about $0.30 – $0.60 daily.

Playing the multi-tiered lottery tickets in “Scratch & Win” can be very rewarding. Users with a fully filled-out “scratch & win” progress meter earn the tier one status, allowing them to win prizes of up to $10. Beyond tier one, the second tier boasts a maximum prize of $25, while third-tier users can win up to $100.

Seeing as there are no fees, all your InboxDollars earnings will be paid to you when the payout threshold is reached.

InboxDollars payouts

Earnings made from different offers and services are automatically credited to your InboxDollars account within the prescribed period. This period varies depending on the specific action. Some offer credit immediately after you complete the action, but the majority take up to 30 days. Coupon cashback earnings have the longest duration to credit, taking about 2 to 3 months.

InboxDollars pays its members only to receive credits for completing offers based on information received from advertising partners.

Once the offers credit cash to your InboxDollars account, users need at least to cash out. Supported payment options include PayPal, gift cards, prepaid debit cards, and mailed checks.

To cash out via PayPal, visit the “Request Payment” page on InboxDollars and select the request payment option. Choose the PayPal option from the Rewards Page to cash out via PayPal. Once you request a cashout, electronic withdrawals such as PayPal are processed the following Wednesday. Checks usually take three to 10 business days to arrive in your mail.

1) Is InboxDollars legitimate?

InboxDollars is a legitimate and good way to make additional money online that has been around for over 20 years and has paid out more than $80 million to members as winnings.

2) How long does it take to get PayPal from InboxDollars?

All electronic payments from InboxDollars are processed the following Wednesday and take about 3 business days to process. Members will receive a confirmation email on the same day that payment is requested.

3) Is InboxDollars worth it?

InboxDollars is worth your time to earn small amounts that add up quickly if you’re consistent. However, it is not ideal when you need money quickly or to make a living.


We recommend signing up for InboxDollars if you want to earn from innocuous activities online. You can replace non-productive internet activities with money-generating ones, be entertained watching videos, and save more on your Groupons.

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