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These days, mobile data is a commodity. If your internet plan has monthly data use limits, you are aware of how expensive it could be to go over that limit. On the other hand, selling data through Honeygain can help you earn extra money each month if you have more data than you need. But how secure is the Honeygain app? Continue reading to find out more about Honeygain if you are unsure whether it’s a wise idea to let the app access your monthly data plan.

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A crowdsourcing tool called Honeygain is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Android. You can get money by downloading it to your device and sharing your unused data. Users that don’t use their entire unlimited data package benefit from the program the most. Your unused traffic can generate some passive income if you let Honeygain run in the background.

You might feel a little hesitant about allowing an app to access your background data. What would occur, after all, if Honeygain sold everything? And who exactly is consuming the traffic on your data plan? On its website, Honeygain claims that only trustworthy partners, such as fortune 500 companies and data experts, will purchase your traffic. In addition, Honeygain only collects the personal information from its users that is required for the service, including your email address, and preferred payout methods.

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The app also includes the following safety measures:

  • You decide how much data you want to sell each day.
  • Your storage is not accessed by the app.
  • You may choose who gets to see your data.
  • Every connection is completely encrypted

Given its legitimacy, most users have given the software favorable reviews.

Make sure the app is active since if it isn’t, it won’t be able to make money. I’m done now! With Honeygain, you have just begun to generate passive money! Check your app occasionally to make sure Honeygain is active, monitor your progress, and take advantage of all the free money you are earning.

Exchanging Data

Honeygain will compensate you for utilizing the data after you download the app and enable the degree of data you are comfortable with. On the app’s dashboard, you can always check your profits. Install the program on numerous devices to boost your revenue.

Delivery of content

Your use of your internet connection to deliver content is compensated by Honeygain. The platform collaborates using a number of connections, including yours. When there are sufficient users, they offer reliable connectivity for the quicker delivery of larger data, such as photographs and movies, which take a lot of bandwidth. Although the service is presently in testing mode, you can still earn credits.

Earn with Honeygain

If you are wondering if Honeygain can help you make $50 per month, the answer is yes but only if you provide a lot of information. To be paid each month, you must make a minimum of $20, otherwise, your balance is carried over to the following month. The app now pays out as follows:

  • You get one credit for each 10 MB of traffic that goes through your devices. at the moment, a shared 10 GB costs $1.
  • You could receive up to 10 credits each hour if content delivery is offered where you are.

The following sums can be generated using Honeygain’s profit calculator:

  • $20 per month for three devices to share your networks for six hours each day and deliver 6 GB of material each day.
  • For $50 per month, seven devices may share 15 GB of data and provide content delivery around the clock.

Because traffic demand might fluctuate, you might have one day with high revenues and the next with lesser usage and profitability. Everything depends on how much traffic Honeygain’s partners need.

Get paid

When everything is ready and you can see Honeygain at work, follow these instructions to get paid:

  • Keep an eye on the Honeygain dashboard. Upon reaching $20 in earnings, a (payout request) button will show up.
  • Then, choose (payout request) within one business day, and Honeygain’s partner Tipalti will send you an email.
  • Sign up for Tipalti using your PayPal account.
  • Verify your PayPal balance. Within two to three business days, you will receive your money.

You should be aware that Tiplati will charge you a fee of $1 plus 2% of the total up to $21 when you cash out.


Installing Honeygain can be well worth your time if you don’t use all of the data you pay for each month. There is no commitment made when an account is activated. You can set limitations on how much of your unused traffic you are willing to sell or enable and disable the app as needed.

The only issue is that you would have to sell a lot of your data in order to make money. Only $1 is given to customers by Honeygain for every 10 GB. if you can convince enough people to download the app through your referral link and add a few additional online income streams, you could be able to earn more.

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