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Toy donations are welcomed by many different kinds of nonprofit organizations that market donated toys, helping many families buy presents for their children that they would not otherwise be able to afford while also giving support for a worthy cause. Others give the presents they receive directly to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Others provide toys to kids who use their services, giving them entertainment during trying times. When looking to donate used toys, there are many locations to take into account.

Thrift shops

Toy donations of all kinds are accepted by charitable organizations including Goodwill, the Salvation Army, the St. Vincent de paul society, and others for sale in thrift stores. The majority of these businesses accept donations throughout their regular business hours as well as through drop boxes positioned around the communities they serve.

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These shelters have extremely limited funding and rely mainly on contributions. Toys can play a significant role in the healing process for kids going through this difficult time.


Although you may only think of libraries as places to contribute books, many also feature toy lending programs, especially for younger kids. The time it takes to phone your neighborhood branch is time well spent.

Church, synagogue, and mosque day care centers

Numerous religious institutions run charitable daycare and mom’s day out programs. Many of them are open to receiving contributions of toys that are age-appropriate for the children who take part in their programs.

Art schools

Consider giving your toys to young artists if you want them to have a new life. Many people prefer goods that are bold and colorful to employ to improve their efforts. The future? One day, one of your old toys might appear in a masterpiece.

Operation Homefront

This organization offers a wide range of initiatives to assist military families in need. Get in touch with them to learn about local families and groups that would welcome toy gifts.


Unbelievable as it may seem, there are a number of museums in the US that would appreciate your contributions to improving their displays. These include the Tulsa children’s museum and the strong museum of play. To learn more about criteria, speak with each museum directly. Your toys don’t have to be in perfect shape.

Children’s hospitals

In the waiting area, do you see one with toys? They most likely came from donations. Most people will appreciate the distraction that your donation can provide when going through medical procedures or just sitting around waiting for a family member.

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Foster programs

Foster children are frequently transferred from one home to another, and many foster families don’t have much extra money to spend on toys. Because of this, charities like foster care are constantly in need of funding. To locate a comparable program in your area, get in touch with your local department of social services.

Preschools and daycares

If you are seeking a tax write-off, it’s possible that donating used toys to a neighborhood daycare or preschool won’t qualify unless the organization is non-profit. But these groups will undoubtedly use them, and the kids they help will appreciate your donation. Before bringing the toys to a daycare or preschool, be sure they are interested in doing so. Some people might not use the toys at work, but they might be pleased to give them to parents who come to drop off and pick up their kids in a “take home” donation box.

Local organizations

Many modest, neighborhood charities that receive toys might not have this information posted on their websites or public brochures. Use the donation town website to find these organizations quickly. You can find organizations that offer pick-up services for your sort of donation, which includes toys, by simply entering your zip code.

Police and fire departments

Ask your neighborhood’s police and fire services whether they would be interested in having some used toys on hand. It is quite beneficial for the staff to have some toys for the kids to play with when they need to be at the station because their family is experiencing a crisis. This will keep the kids’ minds occupied. Stuffed animals are undoubtedly excellent choices, but any toy can be used in the same way.

Online sites

Toys can be listed on websites like freecycle so that those who want them can get them. On selling websites like a Facebook marketplace, craigslist, and next door, you can carry out the same action and list the items for free. You may also distribute free used toys using some smartphone apps, such as Listia and OfferUp. Posting what you have on your Facebook profile is another option to give toys. Friends and family who read your post could be aware of charitable organizations in your area or persons in need who would like the toys.

Animal shelters

As long as the stuffed animals are safe for the animals, several animal shelters will gladly accept them. That entails stuffed animals without any easily removed small pieces such as button eyes, that can be consumed. Additionally, they must not contain any items that can endanger the animals. Cats and tiny pets will also love having something soft to cuddle with to ease their kennel stress, just as much as dogs may enjoy playing and tearing apart stuffed animals. Find out what kinds of gifts your shelter will accept by first speaking with them.


The kinds of toys that are accepted vary depending on the charity accepting the donation. Simply because they lack the resources to fix damaged things, the majority ask that donations be in good condition and in proper operating order. Some people are apprehensive to receive used plush animals because they worry that they can spread infections.

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