Dave Ramsey’s EveryDollar Review

Dave Ramsey's EveryDollar Review

Dave Ramsey’s EveryDollar is a useful, portable, and totally free (yes, really) budgeting app. It is available as a desktop or mobile app that you may download. This means that EveryDollar follows you wherever you go, making it incredibly simple to budget from any place.

You may establish your first monthly budget using EveryDollar in just three simple steps:

  • Add up all of your revenue
  • Make a list of your expenses, paying for the four walls first (food, utilities, shelter, and transportation), then anything else (like insurance, entertainment, childcare, and restaurants).
  • Budget to zero, which means that after adding up all of your income sources and deducting all of your expenses, your budget should equal zero. This kind of budgeting is known as zero-based budgeting, and it is the most effective way to manage every single dollar you earn.

Track your spending

You may quickly add an item on EveryDollar and move it to the appropriate budget line. Before leaving the store parking lot, you can even do it in your car. Or on your couch after making your online bill payment.

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You can also improve your budget to make it simpler. You can link your budget to your bank using EveryDollar’s premium edition to have those transactions come in automatically. Simply drag& drop each transaction to the appropriate budget line to complete the transaction!

EveryDollar makes it simple regardless since tracking is essential. Making a budget is how you plan. Maintaining the plan is done by tracking.

Check-in throughout the month

When you can do it on your phone, monitoring your spending throughout the month is a lot simpler. With just a few fast taps after downloading the EveryDollar app, you can see your budget!

Check in frequently to prevent problems with excessive spending. Adjust another line of your budget right away if you find that one line has gone over budget. You can also easily do it on your desktop computer if that’s what you prefer. With EveryDollar, you can budget whatever you wish.

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Add due dates to bills

Stop worrying about remembering when your bills are due. Simply tap on a bill in your budget to quickly add a due date. Every time you open EveryDollar, the visual reminder will appear beneath that budget line, ensuring that you never forget when to pay or when the auto draft is scheduled to occur.

Create funds to meet savings goals

Sinking funds are an excellent way to accumulate savings for one-time or twice-yearly costs (like auto insurance or sir Barksalot’s annual physical) and significant purchases. You may set up funds in every dollar in EveryDollar in a matter of minutes and see your progress at any time, every day.

Use on multiple devices

How to use your EveryDollar budget on the app or pc was already covered or both. It does, however, get better. You can budget together even when you are separated if you are married because you can both check into the same account. Talk about being responsible!

Crush dave’s baby steps even faster

The only budgeting tool designed with baby steps 1 or step 7. Budgeting is how you direct where your money goes, as you have learned. Therefore, you need to budget for it if you want your money to go toward paying off debt, saving for an emergency fund, investing, or buying a house.

Show your money who is in charge

We are aware that mastering budgeting requires effort, but we have faith in you. Yes, it can take three months of budgeting to properly master it, but we have faith in you! EveryDollar was created because we would want to be of assistance. However, EveryDollar is only a tool ( an awesome tool, yes, but just a tool). To actually alter your finances and your life, you are the one who steps up and creates a budget. You can do this!

EveryDollar’s free version compromises functionality and only allows manual data entry, making it less effective for monitoring your income flow. By upgrading to the paid premium version, you may correct this and make your budget one of the cornerstones of bigger financial education. This is so because the Ramsey+membership package, which also contains Ramsey’s financial peace university, EveryDollar, baby steps program, SmartTax, group counseling, and more, incorporates the enhanced paying edition as one of its components.

For reaching zero-dollar budgets, EveryDollar features a great visual appeal and rational methodology. The free version’s capabilities are constrained because all data must be manually entered. But that also makes it appealing if you want to gain a more general view of your cash flow situation but don’t plan to keep the budget up to date every day.

EveryDollar’s subscription version allows users to generate custom budget reports, link with bank accounts, download transactions as a spreadsheet and receive tracking advice and reminders (ios only). Users of Ramsey+ and EveryDollar premium get access to a live chat agent. There is a question mark for accessing the virtual bot at the bottom of the page.


The app’s EveryDollar is excellent. Even for me, a self-described non-techie, I found it simple to use. The app’s price was the only thing that bothered me about it. If you are as frugal as I am, $10.75 a month ( averaged out if you pay annually) can be difficult to part with.

While you may create and follow your budget using the free capabilities offered by both of these applications, mint has more options overall. For individuals who are following Dave Ramsey’s baby stages and don’t mind paying an annual price for access to the Ramsey to play subscription, EveryDollar is the best option.

Additionally, EveryDollar has the ability to sync with your bank account and automatically import transactions from credit cards or bank bills. Additionally, priority help is provided with this extra choice.

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