Capital One 360 Checking Account Review


You can manage your money with the Capital One 360 checking account, a straightforward deposit account that has no ongoing fees. With no fees, you may deposit checks from the comfort of your mobile phone, get your paycheck, and use one of the more than 40,000 Capital One and Allpoint ATMs to withdraw money.

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Currently, all balances in the capital one 360 checking account earn 0.10% APY. The FDIC estimates that this is greater than the 0.04% national average. Unlike high-yield savings accounts and CDs that have transaction limits or a waiting period before you can access your money, checking accounts give you quick access to your money.

You can make a daily withdrawal from your capital one 360 checking account via an ATM or by going to a bank teller. Additionally, businesses like Zelle make it simple to send money to anyone in a matter of minutes. $5,000 is the daily cap on card purchases and withdrawals, including ATM withdrawals, cash advances, and signature and PIN-based purchases. The maximum daily withdrawal from an ATM using a debit card is $1,000.

You can open an account without making a deposit, but you must do so within 60 days of doing so, or your account will be terminated. The fourth-best smartphone app according to J.D.U.S. power’s 2019 national banking satisfaction study, which rates deposit accounts and eases among other aspects of bank customer satisfaction ratings is given to capital one’s checking accounts and mobile banking.

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After you opt-in and link a savings transfer for overdrafts. The capital one mobile app seamlessly integrates Zelle, allowing you to transfer and receive money in seconds. There are over 40,000 fee-frree capital one and Allpoint ATMs, so withdrawing cash or making deposits won’t cost you anything.

You may easily deposit checks using the capital one mobile app by taking a picture of them and uploading them. You can write 50 checks with the free checkbook that comes with it before needing to pay for a checkbook. In the event that your card is stolen, lost, or misplaced, you can lock and unlock it to stop the majority of new transactions. While your card is frozen, certain transactions-such as autopay, returns, and credits- may still be processed.

Credits, which is perfectly integrated into the capital one mobile app, allows you to keep an eye on your credit. View our evaluation of credits. The capital one 360 checking account is our top-ranked checking account with no monthly maintenance fees, but that doesn’t mean it has no fees. However, overall costs are low. You can use your debit card overseas without paying any additional fees because there are no foreign transaction fees.

While the ATM operator may, capital one will not charge you for utilizing an out-of-network ATM. the approximately 40,000 fee-free, network capital one and Allpoint ATMs are the greatest choices. You can anticipate paying $9 for a paper check that bounced, $7 or $11 for a checkbook (per 50 or 100, respectively), and $10 or $20 for a cashier’s check.

You have three options when it comes to overdraft fees, which are a major annoyance with most checking accounts:

  • Capital One will approve transactions that are more than the balance in your account if you want to use the next-day grace overdraft protection option. To avoid a $35 fee, you have until the end of the following business day to get your balance positive.
  • Refuse to accept next-day grace: Transactions that exceed the balance in your checking account will be automatically declined by capital one, and no fees will be assessed.
  • Refusing to join next day grace and connect a savings account capital one will transfer any available funds from your connected savings account when you link a savings account and overdraw your checking account. This choice is cost-free.

A sizable ATM network, an above-average APY, and an intuitive mobile app are other features of the 360 checking account that make managing your money simple. The method by which you access your account with capital one 360 is via their website or a mobile app. Your contractless debit MasterCard will arrive in the mail in a plain, white envelope within 7-10 business days of opening your first 360 checking account online. This single debit card will be used to access all of your 360 checking accounts.

The cons of capital one 360 checkings are zero money market accounts you might need to pay out-of-network ATM fees but the pros are robust digital banking infrastructure decent for travel competitive rates of savings children’s accounts that are separate early direct deposit allowing you to receive your paychecks up to two days sooner.


You can manage your money with the capital one 360 checking account, a straightforward deposit account that has no ongoing fees. With no fees, you may deposit checks from the comfort of your mobile phone, get your paycheck, and use one of the more than 40,000 capital one and Allpoint ATMs to withdraw money. Additionally, you can gain from an interest rate that is above average, enabling you to earn money on account balances.

Consider moving to a new checking account with no monthly fees if your existing checking account is costing you a monthly maintenance fee. Select’s top-rated no-fee checking account, the capital one 360 checking account, will help you save an average of $15 a month compared to the monthly fees that many other bank accounts impose.

With one of the best blends of online bank benefits, including no checking or savings fees, a competitive savings rate, and high CD rates, capital one stands out. It provides top-notch banking services, has excellent customer assistance, and has no overdraft fees.

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