Can you deposit a check at an ATM?


Have you ever received a check but didn’t want to go to the bank because of the queues? Maybe you found the one you forgot to take to the bank before it closed? One of the questions you might ask is, can you deposit a check at an ATM? The good news is that you can deposit a check at particular ATMs 24 hours a day.

Many people would feel uncomfortable about handing a machine their money. Some worry because they don’t understand the process their check will go through to turn to cash in their accounts. The question of the safety of the money also worries many people who wonder about depositing checks at ATMs. We shall explain what happens to checks deposited at ATMs and give you enough information to conclude whether they are safe after putting them in the ATM.

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How do you deposit check at atm?

If the bank is closed and you need to deposit a check, an ATM might help you with your mission. Here are the steps for getting that check into the system.

Find an ATM: If your bank has a nearby ATM that takes deposits, the logical thing to do is to deposit your check there. You might avoid delays and fees before the check clears. You can still deposit a check on the road if you find an ATM accepting deposits.

ATMs located at convenience stores and gas stations only dispense cash. You might want to head to ATMs at busy locations such as shopping malls to find one with a deposit slip.

Ensure you come prepared: To deposit a check at an ATM, you need the check, your debit card, a filled-out envelope from your bank, and a pen. When you come ready, you might avoid holding up the line if it’s a busy day.

Be wary of your surroundings: Before you take the check out, you should check for any suspicious people in the vicinity. Also, hide your pin when typing it on the machine.

Follow the instructions: Every ATM that takes check deposits operates differently. Nevertheless, you will receive instructions on the screen after you begin the process. When you deposit check at ATM, you might need to put your card in the machine and remove it or leave it in. The check depositing process usually requires a card to succeed.

1. Insert your debit card followed by your pin

2. Select “deposit” when the options come up

3. Choose the account that you want to be credited with the money (savings or checking)

4. Fil the check’s amount and insert it. Some machines can read the amount on the check automatically.

5. Ensure the amount displayed is the same as the amount on the check

6. If you get further questions, answer them. Finally, make sure you have your bank card before you walk away.

Many ATMs that take checks can allow you to deposit multiple checks together.

Getting your money


After your deposit, you might wonder how long the money will take to show up in your account. In some ATMs that accept cash deposits, the money becomes available instantly. However, checks have different timelines depending on how the banks operate.

One of the things you should know is that banks use cut-off times. These are the times banks consider the business day over. Some banks set noon as the cut-off time at ATMs. Any check you deposit after noon is treated as if you deposited it the following day. Moreover, if you deposit it at a third-party ATM, expect further delays.

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You should also be aware that banks might hold the money in some situations. For instance, they may hold it for some time if your account is new. Also, if you deposit large checks, they might be subject to an extended hold. If you need the money quickly, you could visit your branch and request the manager to waive the holding period. The manager is not obligated to comply with your request.

How safe are checks deposited at an ATM?

Many people are wary about handing their hard-earned paychecks to an Automated Teller Machine. They feel that the level of security at a machine in a public place cannot match the safety of dealing with a real-life person in a secure banking hall.

Even if you have security concerns, the ATM at the street corner might start looking tempting if you are in a hurry. An ATM is not only a faster way to deposit your checks, but it is also much easier to find than a branch of your bank. The ATM is in the lead so far when it comes to convenience. But what about safety? Should you risk it?

It is generally safe to deposit check at atm. Many banks assure customers that it is safe to do so. Sometimes mistakes happen, but they are rare.

Is there a limit when you deposit check at atm?

There is no limit on how much you can deposit via check at an ATM for most banks. However, you might encounter limitations at some ATMs.


Can you deposit a check at an ATM if you don’t have a card?

Before the advent of ATM cards, there was a deposit feature called “Night Deposit.” Some places still allow this type of deposit. However, most ATMs need a card to know which bank account to send the money to.

Can I deposit checks at a different bank’s ATM?

No. You should only deposit checks to an ATM owned by the bank of the destination account. You can also deposit the check at an ATM operated by a third party permitted to take deposits by your bank.


Although you can deposit a check at an ATM, there are numerous variables to consider. You might worry about how long until you can use the money or how safe the process is. There is a negligible chance that your money could get lost when you deposit the check at an ATM. Mistakes also happen, but they are rare. Ultimately, if you wonder, can you deposit a check at an ATM, you might want to weigh the points mentioned above against how much risk you are comfortable with and how quickly you want the money.

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