The Most Recommended Places to Live in Texas and Why?


Deciding where to live can be a constant struggle between desire and job opportunities; or amenities and house prices. All so you can maximize career and personal happiness.

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Post-Covid, both companies, and individuals have caught the moving bug. Organizations like Tesla are not only betting on the rapidly growing economy by creating job opportunities. They also know that Texas is the place to be. It offers a lifestyle that appeals to its employees both at and off work.

Are you thinking of moving to the lone star state? Want a cool town to live in? Hungry for the entertainment scene? Looking for the cowboy experience? Don’t have a car? We got options for you.

This post covers a few statistics like population, household incomes, schools and education options, food, transportation and commutes, and things to do. It also looks at violent crime rates, cost of living, career opportunities, culture, and what it’s like to live in each spot, depending on your individual or family preferences.

I hope the list below will help you pick your next hometown.


As the 3rd-largest city in Texas by population, behind Houston and San Antonio, Dallas offers a little bit of everything.

It’s home to over 35 colleges and universities, public schools, and headquarters to most Texan banks. Making it one of the best places to live in Texas for college students, families, and professionals.

Even with its decent public transit system, it’s easier to get around by car. So you might consider getting one if you’d like to sample a Dallas Cowboys game, live music, or visit the zoo with your family.


The capital of Texas is where the best music in the world exists. If not in a club show, then definitely crank up the radio. If music is not your thing, thanks to the all-year-round sunshine, you can take a hike or go biking with friends.

There are great opportunities for someone looking to grow your career at some big corporates like Apple and Tesla. If you can’t afford to live in the city center, move to a neighboring town. Transit to and from work will not be a chore due to the existence of the extensive MetroRail service.


Located in the Permian valley, the city owes its prosperity to the discovery of oil and the thriving oil industry that drills in the area. For those looking for the cowboy lifestyle, Midland has it all. This city gives off the perfect old western movie vibes – semi-arid climate, cacti, and tumbleweeds.

The McCormick Gallery is the home to featured art exhibition works by Midland College students and faculty, visiting artists, and juried exhibits.


On account of the city’s large population, Houston is the city of the future. But just like other highly populated areas, its residents have to cope with high crime rates and low household income of ,000 (compared to the ,000 national average).

Still, Houston ranks as one of the best places to live and make a career move, as more than 20 fortune 500 companies have their headquarters here.

Fort Worth

Fortworth and Dallas are considered twin cities even though these are two separate worlds miles from each other. Fortworth is a smaller, affordable, urban oasis that comes without the high crime rates.

This is where you can enjoy the urban sophistication while drinking craft beer and the legit cowboy charm at the largest indoor rodeo.

Top Places in Texas

San Antonio

Home to the Alamo – the most significant historical monument of the southern state’s history.

Located in South Texas, this metropolitan is for those looking for an authentic Mexican food experience and the best BBQ in the state. The city boasts affordable living and growth on account of tourism and the major health, tech, and aerospace industries. Proximity to Austin and Houston means you can enjoy a Cowboys game. However, occasionally, you can enjoy river walks or a local Spurs game.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi runs on island time. This coastal city enjoys sunny and humid weather and a breeze that keeps it cool, allowing you to make so much of the outdoors. There’s so much more to the city than being just a spring break favorite. Residents enjoy lower house prices, an above-average school system, diversity, and nightlife.

Most residents live a 10-minute walk from the park. The town has both a bay and gulf access. There’s so much to do outdoors. It’s a great place for families. Make sure you have a car. Without it, accessing all the city’s amenities will be a hassle.

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The metropolitan is also home to the Pop legend Selena.

El Paso

El Paso is rich in Hispanic culture. Located at the borders of Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico, El Paso’s economy is backed by the food, government, and trade and transportation industries.

El Paso is far from any of its neighboring cities. Hitting those towns for a good time will require long drives. No matter, though. You can hit up the local eateries for a taste of Mexico, visit the museum, theatre, and the Magoffin Home State Historic site or go hiking or rock climbing in the parks.

Final Thoughts

Texas has more to offer than cowboy hats, roping cows in ranches, American flags on porches, country music, and the Dallas Cowboys. It is much more than that. So much more, and chances are you’ll be looking for more than the stereotypes. This list above provides you with more options to consider. Your Resource For Everything Finance

Remember that this list is just the starting point of your research. There are other attractive cities, towns, and villages in Texas that might feel like home. No matter where in the Lone Star state you end up, Texas offers a balance of urban and rural life, friendly business laws, no income taxes, and more space for lower prices. All wrapped in an affordable package full of southern charm and rich history and culture.

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