All You Ever Wanted to Know About Carvana but Didn’t Know Who to Ask

You Ever Wanted to Know About Carvana

There are many ways to buy cars, but these days more and more people are opting to purchase new vehicles online and off instead of through the traditional dealership. As the name suggests, Carvana is an online car retailer that wants to provide customers with a complete “online” experience while they shop.

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What is Carvana?

Carvana is an online company founded in 2013 by Ernie Garcia and William Tai, two lifelong car enthusiasts. They saw a need for buying cars online, where people could be educated about the vehicle’s history and receive information about its condition. A modern-day “Carvana” is where buyers can purchase a car that has been thoroughly inspected and serviced but without the hassle of going to a dealership or shipping it across the country.

How Does Carvana Acquire Its Cars?

Carvana buys directly from other dealers and private owners. It is a great way to avoid lengthy bidding processes or auctions, resulting in a vehicle being purchased for much more than it is worth.

It’s also a great way to ensure the quality of the vehicles they will sell online. Customers can then inspect and test drive the car as they would like before buying it or ship it right to their doorstep (by paying an extra fee).

How Does Carvana Acquire Its Cars?

How Do You Buy a Car on Carvana?

Carvana offers a simple way to purchase vehicles. The process is very similar to a “normal” car-buying experience. By following the steps below, you should be able to purchase a new/pre-owned vehicle in about 90 minutes or less.

Step 1: Visit Carvana Website

When on the Carvana website, select “New Car” from the “Cars” menu. The search interface will display all the available new and pre-owned vehicles that Carvana has.

Step 2: Search for Your Vehicle

You can start to customize your search for a new or used vehicle. And select the brand, body style, model, and mileage type. You can begin by entering your zip code in terms of price range and location. Carvana will display all available vehicles in your area and how far they are from your site.

Step 3: View Vehicles

Once you have found the vehicle you are interested in, you can select it to learn more about the car and its features. At this point, Carvana will give you a full report on the car’s history and any previous owners. You can also choose to see pictures of the inside and outside of the vehicle from Carvana’s professional photographers.

Step 4: Get Your Name into Carvana’s Grid

After reviewing all the information that Carvana has provided, you can decide whether or not to buy your car. It is also a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity to register as a Carvana member so that you can save your favorite vehicles and receive special offers.

Step 5: Buy Your Car

Buy your new car right from the website with a few simple clicks. Then, when you’re ready to buy the vehicle, you must enter your credit card information into Carvana’s secure payment system. Once your transaction is complete, your vehicle will be ready for delivery!

Step 6: Pick Up Your New or Pre-Owned Vehicle

The car will be waiting for you at a local “Carvana” location within a few days of your purchase. You can test drive the vehicle and inspect it for any problems at the location. Then, you can sign your paperwork and drive away in your new (or pre-owned) vehicle!

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Step 6: Pick Up Your New or Pre-Owned Vehicle

Benefits of Buying a Car from Carvana

There are many benefits to purchasing a car from Carvana.

1. Carvana Has Huge Suppliers of Cars

Carvana has a large source of quality cars. They use their buying power to search through thousands and thousands of vehicles so that they can sell them to customers at a fair and reasonable price. It is done by cutting out the intermediaries between dealerships or private sellers.

2. Carvana Inspects and Serves All Vehicles Before They are Sold

Carvana has certified inspectors that inspect all vehicles before they are sold to customers. It is done to guarantee the best quality and condition of the car possible. All necessary services, such as oil changes, are also performed on every vehicle before it is sold.

3. Carvana’s Website Lets You See Every Feature of a Car

Carvana’s website is jam-packed with features that give you exactly what you want from a car buying experience. You can view the full history of a car, along with all paperwork the dealer will send out to you. You can also see every feature and vehicle condition that Carvana advertises, so you know what kind of car you will be getting.

Carvana's Website Lets You See Every Feature of a Car

4. Carvana Offers a Great Customer Service Experience

When purchasing a vehicle from Carvana, customers are not just getting a great deal on the car but also receiving exceptional customer service. When you order your vehicle and prepare for delivery, Carvana always answers any questions or concerns before it’s too late. It gives you peace of mind, knowing there is a car dealer that cares about your experience as a customer.


Carvana is a unique business that combines the power of the internet with the important aspects of a traditional car dealership. As a result, customers can access quality cars, while dealers can manage their inventory more effectively. It’s a great way for customers to shop around and compare different models of vehicles, all while saving time and money. And it’s a great way for dealers to offer their autos at competitive prices, making them available to potential buyers anywhere in the world.

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